Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Split Enz keep growing

Celebrating the return of the magnificent and downright wired New Zealand band Split Enz ,I remember how blown away I was when I first saw them..31 years ago, supporting ,the then trendy..!!...,Jack the Lad at a quarter full Free Trade Hall..I was hooked and saw them at every occasion possible as a teenager from Oldham..travelling to London 3 times..The Nashville, The Roundhouse and the Hammersmith Odean.. and even to Huddersfield and Sheffield,as well as 4 times in Manchester.. Why I even used to get Chrismas card from all the band .. I was a true and loyal "Friendz of the Enz" . Crowded House and Finn were excellent in there own way..but nobody has provided the downright wild,theatrical and exciting performances that Split Enz gave in their brief rule.. So you can imagine ,dear reader ,how excited I was when I was told that they are touring Australia in 2006.. I can only dream , hope and pray they come to England...

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