Monday, July 03, 2006

Germany calling..via Oldham

A viscous racist ,William Joyce..aka..Lord Haw Haw had 60% of the British radio audience for a while in the early 40s..people used to think he know more than he did about Nazi bombings , lead ..through the BBC lampooning him and trying to get a bigger the introduction of disrespect and humour...hence satire was born on British Radio.. An excellent detailed book by Mary Kenny talks about his links with the upper class and evil aims..but you start to understand how dangerous this guy was.. when you discover thatOswald Mosely threw him out of the British Union of Fascists...for being too racist...!! What's more intriguing from a personal point of view is William Joyces connections to the town of my birth..Oldham....his mother lived there..and when he was hanged for treason...even though he was an American in Ireland.. he was hung by my old pal Albert Pierpoint...see previous blogs...from ..Oldham

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