Saturday, July 01, 2006

A comic Withington

I was delighted and honored to see one of my all -time favourite funny man at the Summer Fayre in Withington.. CPLee ,pictured above with one of his adoring!!..has been a musical and comedic Manchester legend since the 1970`s.I was privilaged to see his band ..Alberto y Los Trios Paranoias many times.. Just his support bands alone could fill any self-respecting I-Pod...I saw The Police..who were dreadful at the Poly, Joy Division who were awesome , Devo who blew the Free Trade Hall away..and gave me a view into the future..Sad Cafe..who I followed to every Manchester gig after the support slot and Fashion who should have been huge ..but never were... So the main band had a lot to live up to..but they always did deserve their headline status. Even when the almost headlined the biggest Reading ever,,when Lou Reed did a runner..!! Like a cross between a hip Monty Python and a musical Cheece and Chong ..they have never been bettered ..or even equaled ,even by the mighty Bonzo the "best laugh you could have legally " stakes... After the fall-out of the 'Berts , when most Rockers get out their Rizla -sponsored slippers C.P. continued to dedicate himself to culture..becoming a Proffesor at Salford University and then organising many brilliant events ,such as the Wahol film extravaganzas at the Cornerhouse, tributes to his comic hero Lord Buckley and Rock and Film tours of Manchester..oh ..and two of the best books ever written about that would do He remains an influence and a genuine comic legend... as well as a caring and clever man Rock on Chris and thanks for the years of laughter and mirth you have given us..

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