Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Changes 69--06

Its coming up to the 37th anniversary of the fantastic Changes 69 tour Featuring four bands...including Love Sculpture ... with David Edmunds, who were in the charts with "Sabre Dance " ..and Samson But the act at the very bottom of the bill and , consequently the first live act I ever saw , was David Bowie who came on half naked and blew my mind with his songs ,looks and charisma.. I managed to get back stage at the Manchester Odeon...which ,of course stand for Otto Dix Entertains Our Nation...and talked to David,who was so kind and lovely ,he signed my programme and smiled as I praised him..apparently he had a real bad time on the tour..being booed and ciggs thrown at him by the freaks and boogie that might have been a brightspot for him However then Steve Marriott

and Peter Frampton

walked past.. and I ran off to talk to my heros..they had , afterall , been on my bedroom wall since 67..!!

David stayed in the corner..alone and ignored..arms folded and a puzzled expression on his face..pondering on my idea of a Rock God called Wiggy and his band of ants from Saturn, doing a last concert..!!!

Watching them all now I am so pleased that my Mum let me go to the concert with my we were both not even teenagers...!!

It also taught me how easy it was to get back stage, so I carried on meeting many of my musical Gods..

oh,by the way ,its slightly harder now...!!

Boogie on

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