Sunday, December 22, 2013

2013 ; The year Psych strikes back

It all started with a lucid dream , indeed The Lucid Dream- a startling and challenging band that absolutely blow me away the first time - at the legendary [ Joy Division played there more times that anywhere else ] and all subsequent 6 times Ive been privileged to witness them this year... driving energy and sheer volume attack you and put some off - beware these Psych monsters are not for everyone ..However if you enjoy having your brain expanded then blown , join us at the Roadhouse in February where ,once again, TLD show Manchester how to Psych ....Not that it needs that with superb Psych explores and blues shouters - the  Mighty Purple Heart Parade...some are from Oldham and all explore Outer Space- dancing grooves, sharp dueling guitars , heartfelt [ if too reverbered!]  spacy vocals and a lead singer/shaman that excites like Iggy in his prime... classic Psych concerts have included the marvellous South American Holy drug couple  - great lads all .. , the blissed out and super sweet Jacoo Gardner .. ...and last Thursday , the far out and blistering The Oscillation... end to a stunning year .But with next year’s Liverpool and Manchester Psych festivals - the solar system is the limit...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mancmusic is back!

Armed with a new Mac my blogging legacy continues.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Mixed Blessing

Two of the sights the gamblers will see as they leave the Super Casino,with empty pockets

Friday, February 02, 2007

Another day in Feb 07

"Another Day " was always a great lost track, and when I saw the wonderful video to the Gabriel /Bush never single I remembered why I kicked it... Cant believe in was in the 70.s..both look fantastic ..and seems to suggest an under-lining frisson going on between them..I used to listen to this constantly,recorded from a hand held cassette from the TV.. changed days indeed

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The "Tommy Cooper " appraoach to global warmimg...smoke and mirors

I see the Bush administration believes we can cancel out global warming by the old magicians trick of smoke and The Guardian informs us,,1999968,00.html

Friday, January 26, 2007

The Earlies in the studio

March sees "Blowout " do a special treat with the brilliant Earlies ably supported by Starless and Bible Black..who were impressed last time we saw them that I knew the name was from Dylan Thomas.. and all this , in the intimate Blueprint Studios Fab

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Johnny fantastic

I celebrated and finished a great year of live music by seeing Johnny Bramwell from the mighty Iam Kloot do a TWO HOUR , intimate , acoustic set at the tiny [ 200 capacity ] Green Room ,opposite the Ritz. He was joined by the keyboard player and bassist from Kloot to play a wide spectrum of songs from his glorious career and new songs to tantalise us...magnificent..the night whizzed by. It was even worth leaving a Xmas party ,with free drinks, at my favourite pub..Via A great night

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Bees swarm

The Bees packed the intimate Club Academy with die -hard fans. This multi-instrumentalist band of Isle Of Wight new -hippies swopped guitars, bass ,drum and keyboards to create a swirling, organ driven , horn helmed , feel-good jig that got the crowd swaying ... Imagine dubbed sea -chanties helmed by Ringo and The Coral... Should catch on

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Fluff "flies

On the anniversary of my Mum's death..legendary DJ , Alan "Fluff " Freeman has died. I remember listening to him from the early 70's..and his Saturday afternoon programme , that always started with "Welcome back my friends " by ELP , was a must for us youthfull "proggers " getting us all excited and ready for a night of dancing and "freaking out " at "Waves " , UMIST and the Poly to 30minute tracks and concept albums..never singles ..galore..,,2-2475357,00.html The speed that he ran throught the charts on the "hung-over " Sundays was amazing..and never beaten.. When punk happend "Fluff " was in his 50's and his championing of "New Wave Of British Heavy Metal " alienated him from me.. I lost interest.. However I always hold him highly for going against the grain and playing "my " bands constantly in the glourious, technicolour , relatively innocent [ pre -AIDS and 9/11] and non -commercial 70s.. Thanks Fluff for flying the Prog banner.. I have one personal story about him..when me and my partner saw The Who in 76, [the concert that had the last English performances from the original line ups of Alex Harvey , Little Feat , AC/DC and The Who ..macarbe..] there was a tube strike so we had to walk from Charlton FC to Euston..a long way ,believe me , on the way we "bumped " into "Fluff" and he was very keen on inviting us back to his flat to listen to some groovy sounds... "Not arf "....!!