Sunday, December 22, 2013

2013 ; The year Psych strikes back

It all started with a lucid dream , indeed The Lucid Dream- a startling and challenging band that absolutely blow me away the first time - at the legendary [ Joy Division played there more times that anywhere else ] and all subsequent 6 times Ive been privileged to witness them this year... driving energy and sheer volume attack you and put some off - beware these Psych monsters are not for everyone ..However if you enjoy having your brain expanded then blown , join us at the Roadhouse in February where ,once again, TLD show Manchester how to Psych ....Not that it needs that with superb Psych explores and blues shouters - the  Mighty Purple Heart Parade...some are from Oldham and all explore Outer Space- dancing grooves, sharp dueling guitars , heartfelt [ if too reverbered!]  spacy vocals and a lead singer/shaman that excites like Iggy in his prime... classic Psych concerts have included the marvellous South American Holy drug couple  - great lads all .. , the blissed out and super sweet Jacoo Gardner .. ...and last Thursday , the far out and blistering The Oscillation... end to a stunning year .But with next year’s Liverpool and Manchester Psych festivals - the solar system is the limit...

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