Thursday, June 15, 2006

Over the rainbow

Well what a wizard began with the usual late awakening..tea in bed and pitta on the porch... A mammoth stretch ahead walk from 125th Street in Harlem ,through the whole of Central Park and end up at Grand Central on 45th street..something Id never had time to do before... The Park is immediately enticing ,welcoming and wild..esp the Ravine ..a desolate but lovely spot were I mellowed... All through the Park were City Icons..the Reservoir, Strawberry Fields the Great Lawn and Sheep's Meadow...home to many of my fave movies and happy times for me ,such as meeting Yoko Ono in the park near the Dakota building in 1986 .. see above and below.. ever since I first wanted to explore this Park in 1984..but was too scared...!!... Zigzagging through the Park took 3 hours so I was glad of a coffee in Columbus Circle.. After a scrupulous 3 course Italian meal it was "straight " to Carnegie Hall to see Rufus Wainwright do the entire Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall record ..on the way talking and laughing with Mathew Bourne..above...who is ,in my opinion ,the best Choreographer in the world..inventing and reinterpreting the male Swan Lake,Carmen ,Nutcraker,Mary Poppins was good to congratulate him on the six dances of his Id seen,outside a Rufus/Judy gig of all places...!!.. Rufus was was the Swing Orchestra , the Hall itself the extremely handsome and swanky audience...and his Mum, sister..and Judy's other ,and ,I think, better singing daughter...Lorna Luft ...the crowd loved it ..looking forward to hearing it again ..and again.. Great ride home completed the magical day....

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