Friday, June 23, 2006

Bickershaw festival

This wet 3 day extravaganzas was the first festival I ever attended in May 72..A bewildering array of stars capped off the 60s,rather than projected into the 70s..Although a lot of bands I saw then still stay on my I-pod now...Hawkwind,Beefheart,ISB, Donavan,Grateful Dead,Flaming Groovies and the Kinks.... Even the organiser ..Jeremy Beagle..!!...couldn't stop the site and stage collapsing in the rain..It was on the top of recently disused Mines after all..!! However the friendliness and camaraderie of the crowd always stayed with me..A brief glimpse of the dying hippy community ..Sharing food and anything else..!!! Superb.. You must admit the Greatful Dead gave VFM with a 4 hour set, esp as most people didn't pay..Or paid 50p like me to a deranged security guard... Happy trucking..

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