Saturday, October 07, 2006

Small fun

Even a Diva cannot get away with making a Manchester audience wait....and after 20 mins of slow hand-clapping .the lights went down at the Bridgewater..and nobody appeared...we waited and waited..then the band came creeping on..and stood around..until Heather Small deemed to make an took the band at least 3 songs to get the crowd going...indeed the only time they were "up "and dancing was to M People classics..which cannot , along with Heather's voice,which was superb ,really be ruined. However the solo numbers seemed dreary and slowed down the set... So ,along with the worst lighting I have seen since Faust at The Free Trade Hall in 73 when they deliberately played by the lights of was conceptual , proved a big a disappointment as the resulting snaps above show....Goodness knows what it must have looked like further back... The last time she stormed the Bridgewater..this time she didn't seem to know where she was ...or care..shame

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