Thursday, October 12, 2006

Film of the year

With a super- stellar cast , brilliant direction and editing , superb soundtrack and a fast moving , complex tale of deception and loyalty ,The Departed is surely film of the year. Every decade that I have been visiting the Cinema , Martin Scorsese , has produced at least one classic film that defines its relative generation. From the creepy noir of Taxi Driver , the stunning bio-pic of Raging Bull and the ultra violence of Good Fellas he always entertains and illuminates. In this Century he has provoked career - defining performances from Jack Nicholson Matt Damon Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo Dicaprio and even Ray Winston who hasn't really dropped his cockney accent since I was fortunate enough to see him at the Donmar Warehouse in a play directed by Sam Mendes So this extremely violent gangster movie keeps one gripped from start to finish , despite its bum -numbing length . It seems that everyone in Hollywood is involved,,even Brad Pitt is the producer! A must see...

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