Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cohesion rocks

The cream of Manchester music came together to raise money to fund a Manchester Peace Park in Kosova It was a superb day of music and good vibes...the sun shone and everybody was happy..even though the line for beer was huge and ridiculous..every band put there all into their sets..and the crowd responded with enthusiasm..even the musicians were friendly ..Especially the drummers you can see from the pics.. The numbers were sparse at first as a lot of people seemed to be at the huge anti-war rally in Albert Sq... but a the sun set the park filled with people swaying and singing at the 3 great stages. We strolled between each stage ..and saw 12 bands..!! Afternoon highlights were Toolshed..a free form Jazz Rock band..fronted by Graham Massey from 808 State..and Lou Rhodes, ex Lamb , who provided a lovely , laid back set ..perfect for a sunny Manchester afternoon.With great DJ sets from Andy Rourke and The Doves ,the afternoon climax was , without doubt , I am Kloot who really got everyone up and cheering to their musical genius..why this band is not absolutely huge baffles me... A solo Simon Aldridge from the wonderful Cherry Ghost entertained in the small acoustic tent..and really impressed me. The High Voltage stage provided some great new bands , especially Bureau , The KBC and The Sunshine Underground..who will be big , believe me. Graham Coxon and Bladly Drawn Boy bored me...but their was so much going on one dint need these two over -blown egos. However the best thing of the day and worth the admission alone was Elbow..the band were on fine form and proved my convinction that they are the best contemporary band in Manchester competion at the moment..they stormed the stage and drained me of emotion .esp during " Newborn ". So as the sun set the only thing left to do was to go and party on Canal Street till the early hours...a fantastic Mancunian day..and night

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